Barber Shave

To get up in the morning sleepy and shave quickly what water has warmed the water heater is light years from sit in a barber's chair and shaved with slitter. If you've ever sat in this chair will know what I'm talking. If not, maybe it's time to try it.

And can shave with slitter to your looks so paliako and the dusty Aqua Velva in the closet of your grandfather, but the feeling of freshness when you get up from his chair barber is unprecedented. And who said you did not deserve such a 100% male grooming?

Proper slitter

The razor frightened world now replaced by more modern faltsetes that have the potential to change the blade every shave that every one who sits in the chair receiving treatment with his own razor. Each shaving starts with a hand in the direction of hair growth. If the customer wants against shaving, hand made and second, this time against. The Razor disinfected before shaving in liquid sterilant.

Alternating hot and cold towel

Very important for shaving is to find your skin at an appropriate temperature. So initially used a hot towel to open pores and soften the skin. After the facial scrub (for which you will read below) and enters another warm towel to clean the remnants of scrub before entering the shaving cream. After shaving enters third hot towel again to clean the face of the remnants of shaving. At the end gets cold towel to close the pores and alleviate the skin from any irritation. Four towels then, three hot and one cold is necessary for the optimal care of your skin. Each towel is left on your face 1-2 minutes.

The products of specific

Your grandfather was getting a little soap and water used to make the foam. In the year 2014 there are special products for your skin and shave with slitter. The Facial scrub, which comes after the first hot towel to exfoliate the skin in the first stage and the preparation that the razor glide and prevent irritations. After entering the second towel shaving cream (Super close save formula), which spread evenly in a circular motion with a brush to go all the hairs outward and to eliminate the risk of some hair to turn inward. The shaving cream must have the appropriate ratio of water and the product to produce the desired texture.

After shaving tucked After Shave Balsam (without alcohol), which mainly protects the skin from bacteria and infections. Finally, use a moisturizer (Oil free moisturizer) to hydrate the skin and recruit all protective elements of the skin are removed by shaving.