Men's Haircut

All of us at some point we ashamed of our old looking photos with hair then we thought that we were going great but now we only generate laughs. Apart from the current fashion, there are some "rules" that help us to match the best possible haircut and style our hair to the shape of our face, avoiding the glaring mistakes. Change, therefore, the haircut accordance with the ... "prosopotypo 'you.

Round face
Those who have a round face with full cheeks, must choose a haircut that thins and lengthens their face. A haircut in bits, with a little wool to fall from the top of the head and the side will help you ... squaring the circle, while the beard unshaven look will distract from the shape of your head.

Oval face
You are lucky and privileged! If you have an oval or oval shaped face then you fit almost any style haircut from completely shaved up long. The best option, however, would be a haircut with a little more length, sufficient to allow your workplace.

Triangular face
The triangular faces usually what draws the eye is the chin, so the right haircut should detach attention from this point. Try a haircut that is more close to the top of the head and near the sideburns longer and let the back. And in this case, a good trick would be to let your beard unshaven.

However, if your shape is triangular and oblong, it would be clip in gradient, with shorter hair on top and more "full" at the edges.

Square face
The square face resembles the round, with the difference that here the chin is thinner and the angles of the face pronounced. To balance the proportions of your face, the scruffy look, the classic men's haircut is a good solution. Of course, the longest wool is the ideal solution enough to flatter the face.

Extra tips: - If you have a big nose, try to add a little more long wool on the forehead and temples.
- If you have a long neck, let most away your hair.
- If you have a short neck, keep a cropped hairstyle.
- If you have a large forehead bring hair top of the head to the side.
- If you have protruding ears, choose a haircut on long screwdriver.
- A good choice if you start losing your hair prematurely is to completely shave his head sas.eftoun.