The spa is yet another of the many things that women robbed by men. Before you start yelling, let's look at what the story says: The spa has always existed (in the form of baths) and for many years was the sole male privilege. Inside Proud to be Greek your list you can add it as the first spa recorded at Knossos, Santorini and Sparta. The spas Aedipsou (which today is one of the best spa in the country, the Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel) referred to the works of Aristotle, Plutarch and Strabo, proving that the ancient philosophers takes bath (and not embarrassed about it).


(Roman baths in Bath, England)

The spa was to be deified by the Romans, who exploited the natural sources where they found and set up the countless Roman baths in the colonies of the empire, as in Bath, England in Vichy France and Aachen, Germany. Not that these have much significance. Unfortunately for you, the men's only spas have long gone, along with the Roman orgies and submissive slaves.

Today, listen spa and think chicks smeared with plankton and essential oils, image that you feel you'd be mismatched. In reality, however, most treatments in modern spa is unisex and, in many cases, specially designed for men. See what's worth trying if you decide to visit any of them.